Ambition to Win

Krista Kulacz, Print Team Leader

The varsity girls basketball won a competitive game against Bishop Noll on Friday November 19th. After a rigorous game, the girls finished with a winning score of 75-32.


“My mindset before a game is focusing on what I need to do for the team and playing my role. I try to get hype and listen to music to focus. I think it was one of my best games but there were some things I could’ve done better. As a team I think we did great and we all did what we needed to do,” Katelyn Zacheski (12) said.


The girls worked together to play their best. They focused on having a positive mindset before games in order to succeed. 


“Individually, I think we had a good game but that’s only because as a whole we had a good game. If it wasn’t for the ball pressure forcing the steal then I wouldn’t have been able to score,” Essence Johnson (12) said. 


The team proved throughout the game that they are capable of working together and making the moves needed to win. Anastasia Rosa (11) talks about how they work together as a team to succeed.


“I think that everyone works so hard for the game and everyone has a specific role to follow. I always have a clear mindset before each game and I am sure to cheer as loud as I can for my fellow teammates,” Rosa said.


The girls look forward to the rest of the season. They hope to continue their success and play well in the next game.


“My favorite part of this game was when a Bishop Noll player told our player Vanessa Wimberly that her shot was off and I screamed ‘no its not’ after she made the 3. This is not the same team it was last year. Be ready,” Johnson said.