High Hopes

Joanna Kouros and Ines Caballes

   In Midwest’s cold arena on the dark night of Nov. 21, the Varsity hockey team lost to Crown Point team 4-1. 

   “Obviously, we didn’t win, which wasn’t great, but the way the game was played it could’ve easily gone either way. We got too confident after our first goal was scored,” Will Renschen (12) said.

   Despite the loss, the boys played their hearts out. This season holds high hopes for our hockey boys as they play towards their goal for state finals.

   “I thought we played okay. The effort was there; we just weren’t executing our systems as well as we could have. [I have high hopes for this season] because it is mostly the same team from my freshman year when we won State,” Samuel Ruzas (11) said.

   This loss doesn’t damage the relationship these boys have and their love for the sport. As they grow as a team, they’re destined to be the best they can be. With the boys having such a strong family bond with each other it creates a better game, trust, and a winning attitude.

   “I like how close we are and that we have a family bond with each other. [My favorite part about playing] is knowing my family is watching me and cheering me on as I play,” Ben Kuta (11) said.