Mapped out December

Cori Lollis, Web Content Editor-in-Chief

   MAP, the Mentorship Ambassador Program, held a general meeting on Nov. 10. During the meeting, they discussed the upcoming plans for the rest of the semester. 

   “For this first semester, we don’t have as much to do besides finishing the video for the middle schools, and we are hanging up wreaths outside of the school for the holidays season. Next semester, we’re going to have the parroquial school eighth graders shadow MAP members and we’re going to give tours to the incoming freshmen’s parents,” Kimberly Hestermann (12) said. 

   MAP’s first event was Freshman Rush over the summer. The goal of the event was to get incoming freshmen familiar with their new school. 

   “I joined MAP when I asked the counselor about freshman rush and helping out new students. I vaguely remembered having that for our class so I was just curious. I plan on staying involved with MAP by helping out with the middle school video that will be sent out,” Lauren Galocy (12) said. 

   One of MAP’s main focuses is reaching out to incoming students. MAP has plans for outreach to middle school students throughout their eighth grade year. 

  “We want to create video schools for the middle schools in the corporation at various times of the year to help them schedule their freshman year classes and just relieve some stress they may have. I had two extremely influential people in my life who filled the shoes of big sisters I never had. They gave me guidance and answered any questions I had about high school.  I wanted everyone to have the same opportunity coming into high school and I thought this would be a good way before the new class attends Freshmen Rush. Because the middle schools have their advisory period for only 20 minutes at the beginning of the day, instead of the end like last year, we were unable to visit. We’re going to try to send out surveys or questionnaires to the 8th graders and have them watch the videos the MAP members make,” Hestermann said. 

   For their December beautification, they plan to decorate the school with wreaths, garland and other winter decorations. Any juniors and seniors interested in helping out with their activities are able to join MAP. 

   “Students who are currently juniors and seniors can join anytime this year if they contact Ms. Kline or Mrs. Holden.  Current sophomores and juniors will get an email this summer if they want to join MAP and help out with freshman rush at the start of the school year,” Hestermann said.