Taking on the Court

Kayla Oberholtzer, Business Manager

   The JV girls basketball team took on the court against Hanover in a rescheduled match on Nov. 20.  They ended up winning 54-21 and are currently ranked ninth in the state. Once the team arrived, they were bursting with excitement to start the game. 

   “I am the point guard, and I like it because I get to run all the plays, which gets all my teammates involved. We play a great team game,” Bryn Leonard (9) said.

   Working together, the team already gained 12 points against Hanover in the first quarter.  This helped with the overall morale of the team making them stronger throughout the rest of the game.

   “We have great morale overall. We have great team chemistry. We all love each other. We all consider each other family. Even through bad games and through good games, we all just push each other. We crack down on each other when we need to, but we all know it’s good and not hard feelings,” Faith Kosinski (10) said.

   By halftime, the score was 26-11, which made it difficult for Hanover to catch up. Both teams took a break and went on to have a motivational speech with their coaches bringing back the motivational energy. In a short period of time, they pulled even further after the third quarter making the score 42-18. Despite pulling so far ahead, the team believed they could’ve performed even better.

“I think a lot of us didn’t shoot as well as we could’ve so I think [the score] would’ve been higher,” Chalize Bais (10) said.

   After the game ended, the players all shook hands, said good game, and celebrated their victory. In their triumph, they won 54-21, leaving almost no room for Hanover in the end.

   “I don’t think we played our best, but we ended up winning. So we stuck it out, and, in the end, eventually we won,” Claudia Vasic (10) said. 

   Many players played exceptionally and consistently made shots by different players. While the other team was tough, our girls kept their defense up in order to keep the gap between them. These wins push the girls to work harder and have more motivation in their upcoming game against Hammond on  Nov. 24.

“You know, it was a tough game. I mean coming off of a game last night, short turn around. Could we have been better? Yea. Will we get better? I think so. But overall, we found a way to win and at the end of the day that’s the most important thing,” Rick Guard, JV Girls Basketball coach, said.