First Fight of the Tribes

Kayla Oberholtzer and Meghan Beilfuss

The boys swim team took on the Portage Indians in the first meet of the season on Tuesday, Nov. 23. They were triumphant against Portage winning 

“There were a lot of young swimmers on this team, and this was really a breakout meet to see how everyone was doing and I’m really proud to see how everyone swims. I know that all the upperclassmen really did great for a fact and Ford Crackle did amazing. I’m happy with where we are right now looking into the season,” Team Captain Leo Bowman (12) said.

With practice and advice from their head coach, Jeff Kilinski, the team was able to score their first victory of the season. They will continue to train until Sectionals in Feb.. 

“It’s grinding everyday. Every single day of practice is grinding it out and working. These kids work a lot, they’re here 4 and a half hours a day swimming. We go from 5 to 6:30 in the morning and 2:20 to 5 in the night. It was a grind in swimming so it’s a lot of training. You’ve got to learn how to train and so far I think we are doing an awesome job.” Coach Kilinski said.

With their first meet ending in a win, the team and Coach Jeff are determined to finish out the season on a high note. Training most mornings and nights, the team is preparing to be the best they can be. 

“For our first meet, I thought we swam exceptionally well! Of course, we have a little bit of things to work on, but it is our first meet and we swam fantastic. Our boys, our ultimate goal, is to win sectionals.” Coach Kilinski said. 

Goals are also set in place for Bowman for his last year as a senior. He has swam since his Freshman year and plans to finish it off positively. 

“I really want to make all three relays down to state. I’d think that’d be awesome if we get all three. We’ve usually done two, but no team under Jeff’s coaching has ever made three and I think that would be a great way to leave Lake Central.” Bowman said.