Christmas Song Stigma

Meghan Beilfuss, Print Team Leader

   When December rolls around, it’s common to hear holiday songs playing, more specifically Christmas songs. On radios, in stores and suggested on Spotify, you’re likely to hear the usual run of the mill songs being played on repeat. According to Andy Williams, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” and others agree. 

   “My overall opinion would be that I really like Christmas music… Everytime I hear it on the radio or just in general I just remember how much I like it.” Sadie Bielski (11) said.

   The stigma surrounding Christmas music varies between people and their opinions. The songs being played could bring joy for some but irritation for others, or people could just remain neutral. 

   “I don’t really mind either way. It’s fun to listen to, but it’s not something I’ll go out of my way to listen too. I don’t have a particular opinion about it.” Brandon Camp (12) said.

   The constant loop of songs about Santa Claus and Jesus Christ is expected for the holiday season, and it can be bothersome to individuals that don’t like the continuous Christmas music. Whether it’s the overplayed music, or the annoying feeling some experience, people might just not be a fan of Christmas songs. 

   “I feel like it’s super overdone. The second after Halloween there are radio stations playing it and it’s on in every store. They don’t even wait till Thanksgiving! It gets annoying hearing the same songs on repeat everywhere you go,” Alex Johnson, (11) said.