‘Tis the Season for Giving

Ines Caballes and Isabella Simkus

   The Student Council got in the holiday spirit during their angel tree fundraiser and hoped to spread kindness as they spent about $3,000 in toys during their shopping trip. The toys will go to families who weren’t able to afford gifts this year, handed out by the Salvation Army. 

   “It was my first time participating in the student council activity and it was fun. You get to do a good deed for children in need by shopping for toys and clothes. It was nice to be a part of something that can hopefully put a smile on a child’s face. And I hope that the stuff we donated helps” Trinity Konalowski (12) said. 

   The club went to Target Dec. 8 during PtE. However due to COVID-19, they were only allowed 25 students. They group was mostly juniors and seniors, and hoping next year to have all classes to participate. 

   “I would say do it. You get to get out of school for an hour and shop. You get to also do a good deed around the holidays. It is not difficult to just go and shop and don’t go over the set budget,” Kolanowski said. 

   The fundraiser spent the past month selling chocolates, influencing students to donate toys and doing a contest with PtE classes. All the money went towards this fundraiser and to help the students in need. 

   “The angel tree is a great way to give Christmas gifts to children who can’t get gifts. We went to Target to buy gifts for children and it felt amazing knowing that these toys and clothes will put a smile on the boys and girls getting gifts,” Jessica Almedia (12) said.