Deck The Halls


During the holidays families choose to decorate their homes in many different ways. This is one of the ways that make the holidays very special because every family is unique in their own way.

Paige Barry, Print Staff


    Christmas decorations are the staple of the Christmas season, the pretty lights and the inflatable snowmen and Santas. As well as Christmas, there is also Thanksgiving, in which many people wait until Thanksgiving is over before they put up Christmas decorations.

   “I put up Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving because I think that Thanksgiving is still fall, and you should keep up fall decorations like turkeys and stuff.t shouldn’t be Christmas decorations.” Autumn Garcia (9) said

   Christmas, as well as Thanksgiving, deserve their own special times to shine. When students and teachers are on Thanksgiving break, it is the perfect time to put up the decorations.

   I put up my holiday decorations after Thanksgiving because this is what my family did growing up. It also allows me time to get everything done before classes start again. Ms. Boone,Band director, said.

   It is not uncommon to wait until after thanksgiving to put up your decorations after thanksgiving. And leave them up until the start of the new year.

   My family and I put up our Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving, and usually take them down before the end of January,” Mr. Correa, Science, said. 

   Some people, however, don’t agree with people putting decorations up before thanksgiving. Halloween for most is too early for Christmas decorations to be up.

   “I think putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving isn’t good because during Thanksgiving you should have turkey decorations it shouldn’t be Christmas I don’t know I just feel like it should be that way for some reason,” Garcia (9) said.

   Leading up to thanksgiving some people decide to put up their decorations before Thanksgiving. The bigger the display, the longer it takes to set up.

   “Regarding putting up decorations before Thanksgiving, I think some people have larger displays to assemble, or the Christmas season may have special meaning for them, so I don’t mind early displays,” Mr. Correa said.

    Some people don’t mind the early Christmas displays, while others are very opinionated on the subject. People are entitled to their own opinions regarding the holiday season and decorations. 

   “My grandpa actually wanted to start putting up our Christmas lights outside literally the day after Halloween and my dad said no and he got kind of mad and so did my mom and I because it’s just way too early like you’re literally just skipping Thanksgiving,” Garcia said.