Dollar Tree Ditches $1


Dollar Stores worldwide will be increasing their prices to now $1.25 by April. This increase in pricing has been caused by inflation. (Scott Olson/Getty Images/TNS)

Natalie Genovese, Social Media Editor in Chief

  A very popular and inexpensive chain store has raised their pricing by 25 cents. Dollar stores sell all of their products for $1 which makes it a great store to find everyday items at a low price.

   Dollar stores sell products from food, drinks, candy, cleaning supplies and beauty supplies. Many businesses, schools and even churches turn to the dollar store for their items at $1 each.

   By April, dollar stores will raise their prices to $1.25. This raise in price is caused by the nation’s struggles with inflation and a slow supply chain.

   The CEO of Dollar Tree, Michael Witynski, blamed inflation as the cause for raising prices. He stated that loyal customers will continue to shop and roll with the new prices.

   Inflation raises the prices of everyday products available to consumers. It also lowers the values of savings and many companies are forced to raise their prices to keep up with the economy and inflation.

   Raising the price at dollar stores helps the company to return to its typical profit of around 35% according to CNN News. For the past 35 years the chain has sold their products for $1 each, now those “Everything is $1” signs are being thrown away.

   The company’s $1 selling strategy is no longer alive. It has been replaced by $1.25 all due to inflation.