Pinning Down

Julio Herrera, Head Photo Editor

   On Wednesday, Jan. 5, the Varsity and JV wrestling team went against LaPorte High School. Varsity ended the night with a score of 42-36, although they lost a few matches, they managed to pull through. They gave their teammates courage and motivation to push through and win.

   “The hardest thing in wrestling is keeping your head on your shoulders, showing up every day and wanting to do it because it’s easy to just get up and quit,” Jake Sues (12) said.

  The wrestling team continues to keep fighting throughout their season, the wrestlers still made sure they worked hard and used all their work in order to win like Sues did. A lot of athletes have different reasons why they would do sports and what helped them succeed like Guillermo Rivera (10).

   “My great influence would have to be my dad who got me into it when I was younger and pushed me to how I ended up now,” Rivera said.

   Rivera had his past history with his dad’s support to continue wrestling through his sport. The past can be a good reason to continue the interest in your sport like how Coach Luke Triveline is still helping students out.

   “Coming together and working together as a team, having a whole room, all going in the right direction and all having the same work ethic putting in the same amount of effort. I was a wrestler my whole life, I wrestled for Lake Central and in college, I came back to help out with the program and then once I graduated from Purdue. I ended up talking to the coach who was one of my former coaches and that’s how I got back into the program,” Triveline said.