Putback Queens

Humza Mohiuddin and Julio Herrera

   On Wednesday, Jan. 12, the Girls JV basketball team places a win against Gary Highschool. The team managed to score 46-8, most of the shots were from rebounds and a few three-pointers. The team did not stop pushing throughout the game and showed them who was in control.

   “I think our team played very well last game. We did not play down to the competition and we showed we were the better team,” Claudia Vasic (10) said.

   Throughout the game, the girls managed to get 20-0 with four minutes left until half-time. Having someone to look up to helps a lot of players when they are younger, an example could be Nicole Vollrath (10).

   “My brother is two years older than me. He played and I kinda did whatever he did when I was younger and I just started when I was in first grade and stuck with it,” Vollrath said. 

   Starting a sport when you are younger helps to keep continuing to do a sport that you like. Isabella Soria (9) feels that playing on a team is fun and having a lot of teamwork helps finish the game to win.

   “When I’m on the court I’m just looking to have fun, work with my teammates to get them the score, and I feel like playing JV as a freshman is a really good opportunity,” Soria said.