A Journal

Melyna Carter, Web Editor-In-Chief

   “A Journal For Jordan” was released Dec. 25, 2021. The movie introduces Dana as the mother of Jordan, who is mourning the loss of her fiancé Charles. Charles, the father of Jordan, would write in a journal for his son while he was deployed. 

   Dana started writing letters for Jordan while mourning the loss of Charles. Dana met her fiancé through her dad, and they were in the army together. Dana and Charles were talking for six months before making their relationship official. 

   Throughout the movie, the time would change a lot, there were lots of time skips and flashbacks to when Charles and Dana were still getting to know each other. Throughout the flashbacks, it showed their relationship, the good and the bad. 

   As Jordan grew up, he wanted to learn more about his father. As Jordan found more out about his dad, it brought him closer to his mom, they took a trip to Washington D.C to visit Charles’ grave. During the trip Dana got the burial flag that families get when losing a loved one in war which brought her the closure she needed. 

   The movie was very fast paced with the progression of Charles and Dana’s relationship. At times, the movie was hard to follow along with all the time jumps and flashbacks. Overall, it was very heartfelt and a really enjoyable movie.