Dancing the Night Away

Kayla Oberholtzer, Business Manager

  Taking place once again, winter Formal took place on Jan. 22, 2022. Held at the Halls of St. George in Schererville, the dance was put together by the organization N-teens run by Mrs. Kristina Collard, Media. About 800 students with guests were allowed to arrive by purchasing tickets ahead of time with masks optional. 

   Upon arrival, students were breathalyzed and searched by staff to make sure everyone would remain safe throughout the night. Some teachers and staff that assisted in supervising the dance were Mrs. Amanda Schuyler, Social Studies, Mrs. Julie Shupryt, Science, Mrs. Collard, Media, Vice Principal Kari Reagan and Principal Erin Novak. Once students were checked for safety, there were multiple tables where they could show their ticket they purchased and go into the dance.

   The inside of the hall consisted of two extended tables with food  brownies, cookies, meat ravioli and more. Students were allowed to take whatever they wanted and return with friends to their tables to eat. Along with the tables of food, on opposite sides of the room were stations where students could get drinks like pink lemonade, soda and water. There were over two dozen tables where students were able to put personal belongings and food while they danced. With the food, there was a large dance floor with the stage containing a DJ right in front of everything. Large balls of lights were strung above the dance floor for decor. Upon entering, near the drink station, a photo background was set up for students to take pictures freely on their own. 

   The Winter Court was voted on by the students when they first entered the dance. N-teen members counted the votes, and halfway through the dance, students were told to pay attention to the stage where all those eligible for court. Mrs. Collard and N-teen members Kimberly Hestermann (12) and Jonareene Rivera (12) came onto stage where students crowded near in excitement to see who won. Members of the court came on one by one while being announced. Many were excited to see who had won. Finally, Hestermann and Rivera announced first that Adam White (12) had won King of Winter Formal and Tori Crenshaw (12) had won Queen of Winter Formal. After receiving their crowns, they were let down onto the dance floor where other students were cleared out for their first dance. Shortly after, students were able to congratulate the King and Queen. 

   Dancing on the dance floor, students were allowed to request music from the dj and dance to familiar music. All night long, students danced with friends and significant others. The dancing crowd made circles around people dancing in the center and made multiple mosh pits. Two students led Principal Novak and Vice Principal Reagan onto the dance floor where they switched dancing partners. 

   “Ray mentioned something about asking the dj to play step in the name of love and dancing with the teacher. I thought he was joking until the dj played that song,” said Alonzo Bradford (12).

   As the night winded down, students slowly started leaving going to restaurants for reservations or from being tired out early. As students left, N-teen members gave away succulents as students left. Many students retired into the night after hours of dancing to reservations or afterparties. 

   “I thought everyone who put it together did a really nice job. Especially under the circumstances, they really made sure we could have that dance. I had a really fun time making memories with everyone,” said Sofia Jasnic (12).