High Stakes at Highland

Meghan Beilfuss and Kayla Oberholtzer

 The JV boys Basketball team took on the Highland Trojans on Jan. 11. With both teams giving it their all, the boys  left the Trojans in the dust by winning 52-25. With five  minutes and 11 seconds on the clock, Jake Smith (10) made the first basket.

   “I feel like I played solid and helped the team. I scored a bunch and grabbed a couple of rebounds. We played well, especially on the offense end, but we need to clean some things up defensively. A win is always good, so I’m happy, but we can for sure clean some things up. Also, away games are always tough so it’s nice to win,” Smith said.

   The boys made a total of three baskets in the first quarter, and in the second quarter Highland scored their first. With 41.3 seconds left in the second quarter, John Lloyd (10) made his first shot in the game. 

   “I was a little nervous this being my first year back.  I was just happy to be out there playing the game I love. It can only go up from here,” Lloyd said.

   During the third and fourth quarter, the team made 11 baskets and Highland only made two. The boys inevitably won the game with a score more than double the opponents score. Gabe Anderson (11) made the final basket of the game. 

   “We did good. We worked together and we passed it [the ball] around a lot. We ran the court really well. We really needed it [the win]. we only lost one game this season, but it is good for our momentum going forward,” Anderson said.