Flying into season 2

Paige Barry, Print Staff

This January of 2022 Cheer season 2 was released with plot twists and challenges. During the season we get to know Navaro better as well as getting to know their rival Trinity valley.

   In January of 2022 Netflix original “Cheer” season two was released. Throughout this season the audience got to know the rivals of Navaro college (Trinity Valley) better and we learn how hard Trinity Valley works to beat Navaro year after year. It covers what the athletes did on their off season and how busy they were doing interviews and meet and greets. It went over the press regarding Jerry who was charged with child pornography sex charges and how that affected Navaro. The coach Monica is faced with many challenges with interviews and other responsibilities as well as picking mat for Daytona. Many of the main athletes from last season speak on how stressful it is to be in the light of social media regarding all of the attention from everyone from all over the world and how stressful it is to balance school and cheer as well as all of the interviews that they have to take. This season there are many new names and faces that we grow to love throughout the season such as Maddy Brum and Gillian Rupert. As to not spoil the ending of this season I will not say who wins at the Daytona competition. So if you would like to know the ending of this amazing show on Netflix you have to go ans watch it for yourself. I can guarantee that it is a very amazing show to watch and it helps give insight to the world of cheer.