The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit

Jacqueline Perez, Print Staff


   Chicago’s Immersive Van Gogh experience celebrates the art of world-renowned artist Vincent Van Gogh in a new never before seen work of art.  The exhibit has locations open all over the country allowing the public to enjoy the classic artworks from every corner of the U.S. 

   Due to its popularity, the exhibit has been kept open much longer than previously anticipated to allow the public viewing experience to continue. Even though its surge in popularity expects hundreds of visitors a day, the exhibit keeps strict COVID rules while minding the city’s COVID guidelines. As of now, the exhibit will be kept open until May 30, 2022.

   The exhibit is set in a large building that opens into many different rooms displaying the same images. Visitors are able to go upstairs to a balcony to get a birds-eye view of the exhibits. The entire exhibit is kept short-lasting for nearly 30 minutes. Visitors will usually go through the exhibit around three times in order to fully capture the essence of the art. 

   The art is displayed through projectors that project onto the walls and floor of the room. The art begins simply with a single sketch of a painting. And with the music, the sketch grows to become a full moving painting. The music is connected to the art following the mood and movement of the works. For anyone who is a lover of art and listening to music, the Immersive Van Gogh experience is a wonderful way to sit down and enjoy art and feel like they are literally in a real-life painting.