Sam Levinson, “I’m Tired” of unfinished plotlines in Euphoria Season 2

Icyss Meredith, Media Chief

   Zendaya has done it again but not Sam Levinson. Sam Levinson is the creator of Euphoria, a show surrounding a teens drug addiction and the other issues her friend group faces. Rue, played by Zendaya, is the main character and the lead actress. 

   This season has been a breeding ground for drama, with new plot lines, new conflicts and new rivalries. The only issue with this is that we never got closure with issues from the last season. And after watching this season, we didn’t get closure with the new issues introduced in this season. Although it’s a show-stopping show, this show is a serial abuser of leaving stones unturned. This may be because they are trying to extend the longevity of the show, but these kids have so many issues and so many main characters that no drama for them would be nearly impossible. In addition to the unfinished plot lines, Season one distributed the parts equally (it seemed) and didn’t leave main characters with tiny parts and no character development. In contrast, other characters get too much screen time for smaller issues. Many new plots were created because the director was trying to cut lines and it shows. 

   Now, let’s talk about the finale. Last season, the finale left me in tears and speechless. This season, not only did we see Rue’s dad’s funeral for what seemed like the thousandth time, but almost no plot was concluded in a satisfying way. In the end, Rue just suddenly becomes sober and we also grieve the loss of character for what seems like no reason. So many questions are left that could’ve been addressed and if they wanted to leave questions for the next season there were plenty of smaller ones they could have closed up. Overall this season didn’t feel connected and there were only two plot lines that showed up in all eight episodes. 

   The positives of this season is that the acting is stellar, characters are either loved or hated and that’s a personal choice, cinematography is stellar and the dialogue between characters is so natural and encapsulates how teenagers talk. And lastly, nothing could stop me from watching and finishing this show because it is a masterpiece and we get to see Zendaya for about an hour an episode.