Call Me If You Get Lost Tour


Tyler, the Creator comes to Chicago. He performed his new album along with songs from older albums.

Isabella Simkus, Copy Editor

   On Feb. 22, Tyler, the Creator came to the Windy City of Chicago to perform at the United Center. His tour Call Me If You Get Lost was to promote his new album. Throughout the night, he performed some of his new songs along with some of his popular old ones. 

   Tyler was not the only one performing that night. Along with his performance was Teezo Touchdown, Vince Staples and Kali Ulchis. Kali Ulchis has been in some of Tyler’s songs throughout the years and he featured in her hit song “After the Storm”. Vince Staples is good friends with Tyler and Teezo Touchdown is featured in one of Tyler’s new song “RUNITUP”. 

   The set throughout the night amazed me as we saw them set up for Tyler to perform. The main stage was decorated with a teal house with staircases leading to the top of the house on each side. Then, on the other side of the arena, they had a smaller stage filled with fake grass. As Tyler presented himself, he came from under the stage in his car which he called “Lumberjack”. Then about a half hour into the show, he surfs the crowd, but not in the way you think. As the floor is parted down the middle, there is a boat that appears and Tyler gets in and rides the boat to the other side of the arena. When he makes it to the smaller stage, he performs songs from his older albums such as “Flowerboy”, “Goblin” and “Wolf”. Then, he returns back to the main stage, via boat of course, and performs his newer songs along with songs from his album “Igor”. He ended the night with the song “RUNITUP” and throughout the house on the stage, there were projected figures performing the in windows as they glowed signifying it was night time. After that he picked up his suitcase and said goodnight. 

   I overall was amazed at the details put into the set of the concert. His outfit, the scene he displayed and the “surfing” of the crowd all matched the theme of his album and truly showed why they call him Tyler, the Creator.