Lauren LaBelle, Echo Editor-in-Chief

   Instead of running home after school this past Friday, these students found themselves going to Mr. Thomas Clark’s Social Studies room to meet with each other for History Club.  The head of the club, Leo Lavoie (10), tells how a usual meeting may go.

   “For a meeting, I assemble a small starting slideshow on an event that happened that day throughout the years and a person that died that day at some point, presenting it on the SmartBoard before getting into a club member’s presentation. Anyone in the club can present, over almost any topic, and it’s really fun to learn about all sorts of people, places, conflicts and more. I also have to talk to Mr. Thomas Clark, who does all sorts of special events if he feels like it, to make sure our plans don’t conflict,” Lavoie said.

   Mr. Clark gives up his classroom, handing it over to Lavoie to take over and present different topics to his fellow members.  Being an APUSH teacher makes his classroom the perfect place to host the history club.  

   “The best part about History Club would probably be Thomas Clark, the sponsor and also a teacher or something. Despite his appearance, he has a very youthful vigor, which lets him go off about history for long periods of time, it’s shorter in the club than in his class. His hands- off approach to the club makes it a very chill environment and the freedom among club members is great,” Lavoie said.

   The activities the club takes part in varies each meeting, but every meet follows somewhat of the same structure.  At the most recent meeting, Lavoie discussed the recent conflict between Ukraine and Russia, using a mix of history and present situations to explain to the club what’s happening.  

   “Well I’ll start with my shorter presentation with my ‘History of the Week’ facts before just sitting back and letting someone or two present for the next 20-40 minutes. We’ve had some great ones, but otherwise if it’s a very special event like a holiday then I’ll have a presentation on it and a Kahoot for fun prizes. Otherwise, we occasionally just do Kahoots for fun and Movie Night always slaps,” Lavoie said.

   The History Club has been around for several years at Lake Central, indulging in different history related activities.  Due to the pandemic, they’ve had to cut back on their usual projects, but Lavoie has been working hard to return the club to its former glory.

   “Our club normally organizes the Veteran’s Day rally, but with Covid-19 it’s been hard to make an actual rally happen, and if anyone has any questions about the club or wants to be on the weekly email list of if we have it or not that week, just email me at [email protected],” Lavoie said.