Taking to the Sky

Cami Lollis and Paige Barry

   While some students are figuring out what college or career path they want to join, others are investigating military career choices. On Feb. 25, Technical Sergeant Eric Weinke came out to talk to students interested in joining the Air Force, Air National Guard, Air Force Academy, Space Force and ROTC.

   “The Air Force (and Space Force) are still a part of the armed forces but support our military with capabilities focusing on air, space and cyberspace. That’s how we differ in mission set. Benefits wise, we differ in quality of life and education benefits,” Weinke said.

   During the meeting, Weinke answered students” questions about career opportunities in the Air Force. Students used the meeting as a way to gather more information about joining the service.

   “This meeting helped me start on my career path because I got multiple questions answered and learned more about it. This meeting did make me want to go into the Air Force a little bit more than I thought because I learned more about the job opportunities etc.,” Malone Mulligan (11) said. 

   The meeting encouraged students to start on their career path. Students who join the Air Force will have access to college universities and be able to start working on earning degrees.

   “We are the only branch that has a college tied to us (Community College of the Air Force) so all training is college accredited and part of a curriculum that is integrated into your career. Most new members will have about half an associates degree completed in six months that we technically paid you to get. Typically you’ll also find the places you like and work are in better condition,” Weinke said.

   Earning a degree through the Air Force isn’t the only reason students want to join the service. Some students are inspired to join by their families.

   “I want to join the Air Force because multiple people in my family have and each one of them loved it. I love traveling and flying too. The fact that a lot of my family has been in the military motivates me and makes me want to join the military even more, especially both of my grandpas,” Mulligan said.