Any Thoughts?

Fariha Khaja, Comet Editor-in-Chief

   Recently, the Asian American Culture Club meeting adjourned on Feb. 16. The meeting went over the past Lunar New Celebration Party. Even though the meeting was quite short, members talked about their favorite parts of the party and any concerns that they had.

   “I felt like there was too much rice leftover. I think we should’ve gotten smaller portions,” Nithina Binu (11) said. 

   Though some people felt like there was a lot of uneaten food left over, some members thought that the activities could’ve been better. The members also thought the transition from food to activities was too fast. 

   “This club is fairly new, so we [club officers] want to know what we can improve on, so that next year or for Asian and Pacific Islander Month we can improve,” Ella Budack (11) said. 

Since the club is a newer club, Ella Budack (11) has to set up the club list to put into Skyward. The task is difficult for her, as she has to scan the sheet for consistent members.

“Some people don’t show up often, and I have to remove them from the list. I want to get it done quickly, so I can put the lists onto Skyward,” said Budack.