Begley Becomes Battalion Commander


Brigadier General Micheal Osbourne, Major Sean Begley, Lieutenant Stephen Hines and Command Sergeant Major Jeffrey Duncan prepare to pass the colors to end the Change in Command ceremony. Major Begley assumed the command of 113th Engineer Batallion.

Jill Degroot and lakecentralnews

On Sunday, Oct. 14 a Change in Command ceremony was held to transfer authority of the 113th Engineer Battalion from Lieutenant Colonel Steven Hines to Major Sean Begley, the Freshmen Center principal.

“It was a great ceremony. It was kind of bittersweet. It was a little bit of a sense of relief, but at the same time it’s a little sad my time is ending,” LTC Hines said.

The ceremony was held in LC’s fieldhouse, not only to accommodate for the size of the battalion, but also because it allows his school world to be incorporated with his military world.

“Today’s the day my three worlds collide,” Major Begley said, referring to his school, work and family lives.

Through the years of military service, Begley gives credit to his family for also being a part of his service.

“As soldiers, we volunteer. It’s our families that are drafted,” Major Begley said in his speech at the ceremony.

Major Begley will remain in command of not only the battalion, but also the Freshmen Center.