Springing into Stores


This collage shows spring and summer fashion trend predictions. These pieces are from Lulus, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, Hollister and Vici.

Cori Lollis, Web Content Editor-in-Chief

  Spring and summer are coming up. As they quickly approach, stores are starting to fill their racks with warm weather clothes. Along with a new season of fashion comes new trends. So, what are the trends for 2022 spring and summer? 

   Based on what’s out so far, here’s my 2022 spring and summer fashion trends: 

   Ruffles: Since the rise of Aerie’s Rock n Ruffle Skirt as a dupe for the popular Love Shack Fancy skirt last spring, ruffles have become a trend. Last season, we saw more ruffles within skirts and dresses, but I think that we will see more ruffles within tops. They will be more of a subtle ruffle similar to the skirts. For example, they are just on the sleeves of a shirt or dress or the bottom of a dress or skirt. I think that will also see the incorporation of ruffles into one-sleeve tops. 

   Corset Tops: Within this past year, we have seen more and more corset tops. The viral Urban Outfitters’ Out From Under Modern Love Corset has only contributed to their increase in popularity. This season, I think that we will continue to see corset tops but with more vibrant colors, like hot pink and green. 

   Patchwork: Last spring and summer, we started to see a few items featuring patchwork patterns mostly featuring muted blue and pink color schemes. Patchwork fits the resurgence of the 2000’s aesthetic as it was a featured pattern during that era. I think that this season we will start to see even more of the patchwork pattern with various color palettes. I think that it will be featured in accessories specifically bags as well as tops and dresses.