Making connections by Interning

Liz Schallmo, Print Staff

Q: What are your goals for a future career?

A:My goals for my future career is to be able to support myself but also have time to myself so I have time for my family.


Q:Where is this internship, what company is it?

A: My internship is at J&R Taxes, its a small business, but that’s what I like about it.


Q: What is the internship for?

A: The internship started out as just helping around because there’s only five people running the business, and there’s a lot of busy work they just don’t have time to do.


Q:How did you get the internship?

A: I got the internship because of my mom, she is the hair stylists for a few of the ladies and she was telling them how I am going to college for accounting and was thinking about going into tax preparing. So my mom asked if they could let me shadow them.


Q: How often do you work at the internship?

A: I only work about two weekdays and then Saturday morning because I still have a part time job. So at the moment I’m juggling two jobs, but my internship is very lenient with my other job schedule so there’s no interference.


Q:How does the internship line up with your future career?

A: This internship lines up with my future career because it’s in an accounting field and I was considering already choosing tax preparing.So they let me see what they do and how busy they get during tax season.


Q: What are some tasks you do at your internship?

A: At my internship, I am basically doing a receptionist job after the other receptionist leaves. I answer phone calls, take appointment payments, filling copiers, putting away files, etc..


Q: How long will the internship go for?  Will it be offered to you again?

A: This internship will last up until middle of April, maybe a few days after taxes are due. We haven’t talked about what will happen afterwards, but I hope I will be able to work with all of the wonderful ladies again.


Q: What do you see as the advantages of this internship?

A: Some advantages I see with this internship, is it gives me insight as to what actually goes into running a business, and what all includes doing tax preparing as well as knowing how an office job will look like.


Q: Would you recommend others to do an internship? If so, what advice would you give them?

A: I would definitely recommend doing an internship if it’s offered to anyone, especially if it’s included in a field you’re interested in. Some advice I can give, is that it takes up a lot of time, especially if you’re like me and juggling two jobs and homework, but time management is everything and I believe this has even helped me with this skill as well. Another piece of advice would be to try and learn as much as you can, because the little things you can pick up will definitely help in the long run.