Working Out to be the Best


Sydney Scherzinger (10) does 10 squats. Her coaches commented on her good form and technique.

Kelsey Wilkerson and lakecentralnews

Conditioning not only helps strengthen the body, but it helps create a healthy relationship among team members. On Tuesday, Oct. 9, swimming and softball had sports conditioning in the workout room. Tryouts have not yet occurred, but sports conditioning takes place three days a week.

“It’s not required to go to the weight room, but coaches get to look how strong you are and your athletic abilities before you try out,” Liliana DelToro (11) said

The girls trying out for softball lifted weights for about an hour before packing up.

“My team mates encourage me to do my best when it comes to softball,” DelToro said.

The new incoming freshman trying out are scared, but DelToro feels like she will be great role model.

Kelli Frieling(11) said, “My best advice is to do your very best and never give up and working hard really pays off.”

They are looking forward to this year’s tryouts and can only hope for the best in becoming a Lake Central softball player.