A Vegetarian’s Viewpoint on “Fresh”


The cover for “Fresh” gives little to no hints on the dark twists to come, scaring viewers even more with an unexpected twist. “Fresh” starring Daisy Edgar-Jones and Sebastian Stan premiered March 4, only on Hulu.

Aly Wenglarz, Web Content Editor

After watching Hulu’s new original movie “Fresh”, starring Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones, I was quickly reminded as to why I am vegetarian.  This movie truly made my stomach churn, but I loved every second of it.

The first 30 minutes of the movie focus on our main character, Noah.  Noah is a young girl who has been having some trouble on dating apps.  She’s trying to find the one, but as we watch an awful date occur, we realize that she’s starting to think that’s impossible.  When all hope is lost, she meets a man named Steve at the grocery store after he offers her some cotton candy flavored grapes.  She gives him her number and tells her best friend Mollie about it a few days later.  Noah doesn’t think much of it until Steve calls her and invites her out for drinks.  Obviously, she goes.

Steve appears to be the perfect gentleman, and he and Noah really hit it off.  The casting of Steve is perfect.  We all swoon over Sebastian Stan as Noah swoons over Steve.  After a great first date, the pair end up back at Noah’s apartment for a whirlwind night of romance.  Some time passes of the two being an exclusive item, and Steve invites Noah up to Cottage Grove.  He picks her up, and then tells her that they’ll be spending some time at his place before they head up.  Noah lets her best friend Mollie know where she’ll be, and although Mollie expresses some concern, Noah goes with Steve anyway.

Okay, here’s where I say spoiler alert.  If you don’t want to know the absolute stomach-churning plot twist about what our friend Steve does in his free time, click away and open up Hulu.  Now that they’re gone, let me explain to the rest of you.  Steve tells Noah he is a doctor, but in reality he is a cannibal who kidnaps women, cuts them up, and sells their body parts to other cannibals throughout the country for extreme amounts of cash.  That’s a lot to swallow, I know.  Steve’s “house” is actually just his workplace.  He has cells for each woman he kidnaps, a kitchen with a special freezer to prepare his “meals” for not only his clients but also himself, and a hidden wall filled with memorabilia from each woman he’s kidnapped and eaten.  Sickening, right?

I already knew the cannibal twist before I watched the movie, so I guess I kind of ruined that element of surprise for myself, but I still felt so much suspense watching the movie.  The actors are incredible, and there’s tension so thick that I could cut it with a knife throughout multiple scenes in the movie.  You never exactly know what Steve will do next.  The gore is absolutely sickening and frightening yet it fits the plot of the movie so well.  I was genuinely disgusted by the end of the movie, and I can’t see myself eating meat ever again.  The cinematography is gorgeous, and you can tell how much work went into set design and costumes.  I was pleasantly surprised by a Hulu original movie, as I had never seen a Hulu original that I truly loved.

To be honest, I only watched “Fresh” once I heard that Sebastian Stan was going to be playing a major role.  What can I say, I love the Winter Soldier.  But, I’m really glad I did watch it.  “Fresh” is the horror movie we deserve this year, with complex characters, beautiful cinematography with a score to match, and a terrifying plot.  Mimi Cave has created something beautiful and chilling, and it blows my mind to think that this was her debut film.  I cannot wait to see what her future holds.  Hopefully, her future includes her creating more horrifying works of art, much like “Fresh”.