Can Someone Call HR?


Aly Wenglarz, Web Content Editor

On March 18th, Netflix released a new show called Human Resources.  It was pitched as a spin off of another popular Netflix original, Big MouthHuman Resources has a pretty jam-packed cast list with plenty of popular comedians including Aidy Bryant, Maya Rudolph, and Nick Kroll.  Bryant has had plenty of experience on SNL, and Rudolph was recently a featured character on NBC’s The Good Place.  Nick Kroll is not only a cast member on Human Resources, but he’s also the executive producer, much like on his other show Big Mouth.

Human Resources almost picks up where the last season of Big Mouth left off.  In the last season, we met some new types of characters that were involved in the protagonists’ lives.  For some background information, Big Mouth follows a group of middle school students who are going through puberty.  The show touches on everything from first kisses to first periods, and it’s quite the raunchy comedy.  The show is animated, and so are each unique puberty experience the protagonists live through.  For example, in Big Mouth we are introduced to “hormone monsters”.  Hormone monsters are the protagonists’ side kicks, and they cause the relatable mood swings we probably all remember from that time.

Human Resources still has our favorite hormone monsters as stars, Maury and Connie, but we also meet some new creatures that help humans be..well…humans!  We are now introduced to “love bugs”, “addiction angels”, and “logic rocks”, each with a relatively self-explanatory purpose.

The show increases the raunchiness as our main protagonists are now a different set of people, and also adults.  The show begins when the love bugs’ manager gets fired due to an unknown reason.  The office assumes it’s because of her drinking problem, and the manager’s human case gets assigned to our main character, Emmy.  Emmy is a bit aloof.  She spends her time in the office messing around with other staff, and barely knows how to do her job.  Needless to say, the human she is assigned to starts to go through a bit of a rough time with Emmy by her side.

I think the show is hilarious, and I love that it calls back to Big Mouth.  Even though it’s filled with dirty jokes and raunchiness, I think it hold plenty of good lessons.