One Last Hoorah For All-Star Basketball Teams

Krista Kulacz, Print Team Leader

  The co-ed All-Star Basketball team played their final game on March 17, 2022.  The team celebrated the end of their season with awards and laughter.

   “I got involved in All-Stars Basketball through peer mentoring and best buddies. Seeing the kids’ faces light up when the crowd was cheering for them, or when they made a basket made me happy to see them so happy,” Olivia Klein (11) said.

  Students in peer mentoring have the opportunity to get involved with the All-Star Basketball team and make a positive impact on the kid’s lives. Brendan Huppenthal (10) explains what he likes about playing on the team.

   “It is fun. I like playing with my friends,” Huppenthal said. When asked what his favorite part of being on the team is, he said “Shooting hoops. I like basketball.”

   Playing on the team gives the kids involved a memorable experience.  For their last game, a large crowd came to support, cheering on the kids throughout the entire game.  Before the game started, the players received participation awards and got to run across the court and high-five everyone.  It was really heartwarming to see so many people support the kids and demonstrate kindness and inclusion.  

   “I have learned that no matter what, if we are winning or losing, the main point of All-Stars is for the kids to make memories, make friends and to have a fun time,” Klein said.