Students Compete in Pre-game Beanbag Toss


Ryan Polito (11) and Charles Alexa (11) practice before the beanbag tournament. The tournament was sponsored by the wrestling team.

Jen Maguire and lakecentralnews

On Friday Oct. 12, students showed up to school at 4:30 p.m. to participate in a beanbag tournament before the football game.

“It was my first time; I had never competed in the tournament before,” Ryan Polito (11) said.

The tournament was double elimination. By the end, the final teams competing were Matthew Madsen (12) and Michael Barnes(12) against Ryan Polito(11) and Charles Alexa (11). Polito and Alexa came out on top and won the money. There was an entry fee of $10 per team for the tournament, and the winners got to take home the money from all the entries.

“Chuckie and I wanted money, so we signed up” said Polito.

The final score was 22-16. Both teams played very well and parts of the game were very close.

Although Polito was not expecting to win, his team went home with both a victory and the winning prize.