Love All

Olivia Mapes, Print Team Leader

   The girls tennis team was undefeated up until Thursday when LaPorte beat them 3-2. The team still has high hopes for a good season. 

   “The season so far has been brilliant. Consistency is the game of tennis, knowing what the ball is gonna do,” Bryan Zelonick (social studies) said.

  A lot of girls on the team have been playing for years. The team still welcomes newcomers to the sport however.

   “This is technically my first year. It was kinda weird joining a whole new team because I’m an upperclassmen, it’s a lot to get used to,” Victoria Torres (11) said.

   Tennis can be a challenging sport because it is more independent. Playing singles can be tough physically and mentally.

   “The hardest part is trying to keep your cool and being a better person, you don’t want to be snotty but you want to be kind and keep your cool. It [tenis] is more independent. We have to compete for our spots on the team. Sometimes the spots get moved around during the season,” Elise Smith (11) said. 

   The season is looking up to be exciting for the players. The team could potentially go up to regionals. Players also have fun playing.

   “I stick with it because of the people and the cool opportunities. There are different tournaments you can play outside of school and you can meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends,” Smith said.