Humza Mohiuddin, Print Staff

   Disney+ came out with a new marvel show called “Moon Knight”. The show’s main character, Steven Grant, played by Oscar Isaac, works at a gift shop at the museum. He says that he does not know what happens at night, so he chains his foot to a support beam each night. One day he wakes up in another place with a special artifact called the Scarabe. People start to chase him into a town and he meets a person with a balance on his wrist. That person can determine your fate. They cornered him and he blacks out. When he wakes up, he has blood on his hands. He gets in an ice cream truck and drives away back to his house. He inspects the artifact and hears a noise in his walls. It is a phone that has been ringing and has been called multiple times. He picks it up and it is a woman calling him about where he has been, she has been worried about him and calling him Marc. Steven is confused seeing how he has never met this woman, and his name is not Marc. He goes to the Museum to find the man with the balance on his wrist there with a demon dog. The demon dog chases him around the museum until he is cornered in the bathroom. A man that looks exactly like Steven appears in the mirror claiming to be able to save us. Steven accepts, and it seems like he changes personalities. He transforms into Moon Knight and murders to Demon dog.