Post-Prom Adventures

Krista Kulacz, Print Team Leader

   Saturday May 7, 2022 was Lake Central’s first “normal” prom in two years.  Students danced the night away at the disco fever themed dance, but for many students, Saturday was just the first of many exciting weekend activities.

   “After prom, my friend group and I are going to Paw Paw Michigan to stay in an Airbnb.  We’re staying on the lake for two nights and ditching Monday because everyone else is,” Skylar Habenicht (12) said.

   The monday after prom is known as an unofficial senior ditch day. Brittani Koons (12) shares her post-prom plans.

   “Right after the dance I am going to the lighthouse for dinner, and the day after I am going to the Six Flags. I am excited for prom because it is my first dance, but it also has been very stressful,” Koons said. 

   Six Flags seemed to be a popular destination for students to go after prom.  The weather on Sunday, May 8, 2022 was sunny and warm, allowing students to go outside and enjoy the weather.

   “The day after prom me and a group of my friends went to Six flags. It was nice, there were no lines at all and the weather was perfect,” Ava Stole (12) said.

   Prom 2022 was many student’s first high school prom, and last ever high school dance.  Juniors have next year’s dance to look forward to and seniors will wrap up their high school career at the end of this month with graduation.

  “After prom we went over to my friend Lexi’s house and had so much.  We listened to music and played games and went out to breakfast the next morning.  It was really great being able to go to one last school dance with my friends,” Jacob Delgadillo (12) said.