Bloody donations Q and A With Dylan G

Liz Schallmo, Print Staff

Q: When did you start donating blood and why?

A:  I started donating blood last year when Lake Central had their blood drive in the spring. I chose to donate blood because I figured it was a way I could help people since I couldn’t be a doctor and deal with operations, but I could handle giving blood to help whoever needs it. 


Q: How do you prepare the days that you donate blood?

A: Usually what I tend to do is drink a lot of water, by a lot of water I mean at least 64 ounces. I eat iron rich foods that include eggs, spinach or even turkey. 

Q: How many blood drives have you been to and how were they operated?

A: I have been to six blood drives and counting. They were all operated the same. You check in with your license or your blood donor card, then you sit and wait to be called on. Next, you get your physical to make sure you are eligible for blood donation. Finally, you donate blood.

Q: What is your routine after you donate blood?

A: My routine after donating blood is I would go over to the station the blood drive provides and eat a snack and drink juice. But after that I just carry my water bottle everywhere with me and drink even more water than what I did before my donation. I would usually go somewhere to eat afterwards, and my usual is getting a big salad along with some sugar like a cookie. I try to avoid lifting heavy objects for the rest of the day after I donate. 


Q: Do you know where your blood donations go? If so, where are some of the places you donated to? 

A: I do know where my blood donations go. For example, my blood has gone to places that include: University of Michigan Hospital Ann Arbor, MI, Akron General, Akron, OH and Detroit Receiving Hospital, Detroit, MI. I have the American Red Cross app and everytime I donate blood, they let me know what stage my blood is in. Once it hits that final stage called completion. 


Q: What is the most difficult part of donating blood? (like pain, hydrating, things like that)

A: The most difficult part of donating blood in my opinion is preparing for it  (eating iron rich foods) and when the nurse has to move the needle around in your vein which is very uncomfortable. This only happened twice. 


Q: How often do you donate blood?

A: I donate whenever I can, which is every eight weeks. 


Q: How do you feel after you donate blood?

A: I feel amazing after donating blood. It may sound weird, but I feel like a whole new person after I donate. 

Q: Do you think more people should try donating blood? Why or why not?

A: I do think more people should try to donate because it is a great way to give back and help others who are in need of blood for surgery 


Q: What advice would you give to people that want to donate blood?

A: I would say drink a lot of water the day before and the day of. Make sure you eat a well balanced meal with greens the night before and eat a big breakfast.