Senior Banquet

Lauren LaBelle and Fariha Khaja


   On Friday, the 22 of April, at the Halls of St. George, Senior Banquet Night was held. The class of ‘22 came in their best costumes and their 20’s themed outfits. They commemorate their last year of high school and have the last laugh before their ever-awaited prom night. 

   “Senior banquet was fun. The vibes from all the seniors were great, and it was nice seeing everyone enjoying their time, but overall the costumes were so funny and clever,” Layali Abdelqader (12) said. 

   Seniors came together with their friends and classmates to celebrate their last year of high school.  Although the night theme was the 1920’s, most students opted to do their own thing or dress in group costumes with friends.

   “I thought it was super small compared to other dances, but I liked it, and my favorite part was the beginning of the banquet. Where we got to see everyone’s costumes for the first time,” Pia Lopez (12) said. 

   The variety of characters that showed up gave the guest a lot to look at through the night, but that wasn’t the only fun of the night. There was food, music, dancing, and awards at the banquet.

   “My favorite part of the event was dancing with my friends and then after we went out for food at Chick-fil-A. My least favorite part was when they gave out the awards,” Thyme Washington (12) said. 

   Several awards were given to the seniors such as best couple and clumsiest person.  But some people felt as if the awards ceremony didn’t do them justice. 

   “I would say my least favorite part about the night would have to be the awards because I felt like it was more of a popularity contest,” said Washington (12).