Group Robbery at Schererville Dick´s Sporting Goods

Brooke Follrad, Web Content Editor in Chief

   On Sat. Aug. 20, the local Dick´s Sporting Goods caught the attention of the media. After visuals of police lights, yellow crime scene tape, and ambulances, news stations like NBC5 were on the scene.

   Around 4 p.m., the local athletic store was alerted by the Merrillville location about a group of three robbers. When three similar profiled suspects entered the Schererville store, a group of police prepared as a response to a call regarding the robbers. Within minutes, over a dozen police cars had the plaza surrounded, standing by at all exits.

   ¨One of the suspects driving a getaway car rammed a Schererville Police patrol car,¨ Sheriff Oscar Martinez Jr. said, interviewed by NWI Times.

   Two Lake Central students had been working this Saturday. Adian Bentkowski (12) left his shift around 3 p.m. He found out about the situation by hearing about it through media outlets.

   ¨I texted my work group chat, and they said that everybody was okay and that somebody was trying to rob the store,” Bentkowski said on NBC5 News.

   With employees on the scene giving Bentkowski reassurance of their safety, he listened to the online police scanner. Once the police began their pursuit, the moment escalated.

   ¨Fearing for their safety, Schererville Police opened fire and struck one of the suspects,¨ Martinez said, to the NWI Times.

   Another student, Joseph Kafka (12), arrived at the location for his 5:15 shift. At this point, the situation had been contained. The wounded person was relocated to a hospital and the other two culprits were in the custody of the police.

   ¨I was told to go back home and I would be called if I was needed. I just wish something like this doesn’t happen again and that we can return back to normal at work,¨ Kafka said.

   Neither of the students were physically harmed or visually witnessed the situation at its peak. Dick´s Sporting Goods is sending mental health officials to examine the emotional status of their employees and support the staff.

   ¨No police officers or civilians were harmed in the incident,¨ Martinez said, to the NWI Times.

   The Scherrellville location closed after this situation. It is set to reopen with normal hours on Monday, Aug. 22.