Stomping the Mustangs

Julio Herrera, Head Photo Editor

   Lake Central Freshman Football started their season against Munster Highschool, they were victorious 36-8 on August 18th. The freshman team kept up defense fighting against the heat and Munster. Many players start their sport early in life but Riley Nunez (9) has only played for two years

   “I wanted to play football since I was a kid but my dad would never let me because I was a girl and he didn’t want me to get hurt. My inspiration was probably seeing my whole family football, I always wanted to follow their footsteps. This is my second year playing. It is different because you have to push yourself more than in middle school, you have to go in whenever you want, then in highschool you have to work yourself to get in the field,” Nunez said.

   Her inspiration led her and the team to score of 29-0 by halftime. Matthew Mckissack (9) Attributes his motivation for the game on the great players of football.

   “Watching football on tv, seeing how the games play and seeing how hard it hits made me interested. I am a cornerback and fourth string receiver, I always loved corner because all the greats play corner Deyon Sizer, Jaylen Waddle, and Charles Woodson. Kam Chancellor motivates me, watching him hit hard and lay people out, it was amazing to watch,” Mckissack said.

   Mckissack looks up to many famous football players that played the same position as him. Coaches push players to do their best and stay strong, this is what helps them improve and ensures that everyone belongs on the team, according to Coach Brian Tomson, Social Studies.

   “I got into coaching back in 92’ this is my twenty-ninth season. When I went to college, I missed football and I wanted to coach so I became a teacher. I think the one thing about coaching Freshman level, you’re going to see growth throughout the season, whether they win or lose. They are going to get better each week at what they are doing, so that’s why it is enjoyable. This is game one, we still have a lot of things to figure out and as far as personnel and who goes where sp this is part of the process. I am glad we got to win tonight, but tomorrow when we look at the film and evaluate players a little bit better and start figuring out where the pieces go to make the football team better. The great thing about football is you look at baseball or basketball teams. There are a lot of similar type athletes, for football there are places for everybody; there are different body types out there, different mentalities so there are multiple opportunities to get on the field. We got 22 starters, we can get 40-50 kids on the field which is what we want to do as much as we can,” Coach Tomson said.