See What The Racket Can Do

Jocelyn Amezcua and Julio Herrera

   Boys JV Tennis takes on Highland High school at their home court on August 24th. The team won the meet with the score of 64-63, Vasilios Koultourides (12) reflected his game 

   “The season is off to a rough start playing Munster every year, it’s a little tough because they are so good. We played really well in this game and I’m happy where it’s going. I just want to get better and get better to help the team win and keep moving forward,” Koultourides said.

   The season may have started off with a tough opponent, but the team is getting prepared for their future. Alex Wroblewski (10) kept a smile on his face through the end when he lost.

   “Losing is a natural thing that happens but there’s always room for improvement. My biggest problem is learning top spin. It is very important especially in the beginning of a career in this sport, it allows you to have tons of control on your ball. In tennis just try your best and it’s a sport that’s easy to learn but hard to master,” Wroblewski said.

   Although Wroblewski lost his match, he’s still able to learn from his mistakes and how his match could have gone better. The team is expected to become better as the season goes on. 

   “We won all of us except for that one singles but the kid that won the single was pretty experienced so we did well. They lost 64 or 63. That’s a tight match so we did good I’m very happy. (I look forward) to see these kids get better and grow because we’re really young so we’re gonna take our lumps against some schools but the whole key is with the season is to play your best tennis at the end of September and that’s the goal so we’re off to a decent start. We’re gonna learn along the way and we’ll be much better in a month,” Coach Ralph Holden “Social Studies” said.