Part of a Team

Lily Collard, Media Chief

  After starting the season off on a good note, the Cross Country team competed at the Rudy Skorupa invitational on Saturday, August 27.. “It’s fulfilling to know that the work has payed off at the end, and all the work you’ve been doing, all the miles, all the hard long days have been paying off,” Humza Mohiuddin (11) said. 

   There is no doubt that cross country is a physical sport, but the mental aspect can be just as important. “I would say it’s 50/50 physical and mental. While this is only my first year doing Cross Country, you have to prepare yourself meantally for a race or else you’re going to sike yourself out,” Sofia Wermaling (10) said. 

   Cross Country takes a toll on the runner’s body. There is a special technique runners use called the running economy where the amount of oxygen a runner intakes can determine the pace they run at. “The running economy is pretty much how well my body uses energy when I’m running, so when I run I love the feeling of being able to run more, because I love running,” Tyler Gagliardi (11) said. 

There is a tediousness to cross country that isn’t. “It’s very mental, and can take a toll on the way you think about yourself,” Marie Webber (11) said. Being on a team is very rewarding for Webber. “Its a great feeling to be on a team and to be supportive of everyone and having everyone support you back,” Webber said.