Starting Strong

Kai Blankenship and Melyna Carter

   The Varsity boys tennis team beat Merrillville at home on Tuesday, Sept. 6. Despite the fact that many of their starters graduated last year, they showed they are still strong, winning all 5 matches.

   “Last year we lost 9 of our starters, so only two of them are here this year. Everyone is new. We have the skill to win, we just don’t have the experience,” Jeremiah Kuypers (11) said.

   Tennis involves many different elements. Some players enjoy the physical portion of the sport, such as participating in practices and conditioning. Lazo Golubovic (12) finds the mental side most beneficial for him.

   “I like the mental aspect. It’s kinda like a chess game. It helps me be a little more patient and think about more of my shots,” Golubovic said.

   Isaiah Boles (11) shares a similar view. He likes thinking through his moves as he is playing tennis.

   “My favorite thing about tennis is playing by myself and the mental aspects of it. I like thinking inside my head of what my next shot is going to be and how am I going to position it, where am I going to go, how hard I am going to hit it, and how hard am I not going to hit it,” Boles said.

   Sectionals begin on Sept. 28, and if the boys continue to win, they will go until Sept. 30. They will be competing against Lowell, Rensselaerr, Crown Point, and Hanover. The players believe that they have a good chance of doing well.

   “I do believe my team will make it to sectionals, because I think this year we have a very strong team base. We are building experience with each other and I think that we will be able to win.I see us going far,” Boles said.