Causing a Racket: Boys Tennis Defeats Lowell

Kevin Aharrah, Design Editor

  On Wednesday, September 7, the combined boys tennis teams defeated the visitors from Lowell. The Varsity team won all 5 of its matches and JV won 5 out of its 6 matches.  Singles and doubles matches were held side-by-side across Lake Central’s courts in pleasant 75°F weather, and the scores of a number of players – such as Lazo Golubovic (12)’s 6-0 and 6-1 victories in his sets – convinced some that great things were possible this season.

   “It was an easier opponent, but I played good.  I think the team can go far [and] have a good chance of winning sectionals,” Lazo Golubovic (12) said.

   This particular matchup was the annual “The Battle for the Old Wooden Racket” competition, held between Lake Central’s and Lowell’s varsity teams.  With this performance, Lake Central won this competition for the fourth time in a row, and remains undefeated since the event was established in 2019.  Some proceeds made from this match, such as concession sales, were donated to a local charity benefiting veterans.

   “The match against Lowell is a t-shirt fundraiser to raise [money] for a local Veteran organization called Operation Combat Bike Saver (out of Crown Point).  This organization provides hands-on therapy for Veterans that suffer from PTSD, TBI and/or depression.  We have raised over $10,000 for this organization over the last 4 years,” Ralph Holden, Athletics, said.

   When asked about his team’s performance, Holden overlooked his own role in training the team, instead focusing on the enthusiasm of his players.

   “The last 4 years LC has had more experienced players than Lowell has had except for this year.  The boys are very motivated to win the Wooden Racquet trophy.  It makes the match very fun to play,” Holden said.