Is it Love or Propaganda?


Parneet Gill, Copy Editor

“Purple Hearts” has quickly captured attention on social media. The movie was released on Netflix on July 29, 2022. (Photo from MCT Campus)

   “Purple Hearts” was released on Netflix to view on July 29, 2022. Instantly, the movie caught attention all over and was seen everywhere on social media. 

   The movie focused on the main character, Cassie, who is a struggling singer that is also dealing with some medical issues. She marries Luke, a marine that is also having his own troubles, only for the benefits that the military gets for her medical issues. Slowly their marriage of convenience starts to blur into real love. 

   I decided to give the movie a watch to see what all of the talk was really about. I had heard that the movie was very packed with romance tropes and was excited to actually see them in the movie but actually ended up being disappointed by what the movie really turned out to be. 

   From the very beginning, the movie had many misogynistic and racist remarks that were very off-putting to hear, just thrown around and not spoken about again during the movie. It also felt like watching a movie for military propaganda because it glorified all of the military characters even after they would make remarks that shouldn’t have been said. I also found it odd that the main character, Cassie, was so different from Luke in her beliefs but she just somehow completely overlooked it and he didn’t apologize and there was no character development from him. 

   Overall, I really wanted to enjoy the movie but I just couldn’t ignore or overlook the problems with the movie and don’t think that the concept of the story should be romanticized.