Spreading Positivity: One Rock at a Time

Brooke Follrad and Natalie Genovese

   On Friday, Sept. 16, N-Teens had their annual Inspirational Rock Painting event. The club, sponsored by Mrs. Collard, painted fun designs and inspirational phrases across their rocks to display in Lake Central’s rock garden.

   “I have been in N-Teens since my freshman year. I joined because I wanted to not only be a part of a club, but to meet new people at my new school. I have really liked planning dances and participating in things like volunteering and art projects. N-Teens is a good club for any grade to join to be more involved in the community,” Veronica Wilocki (12) said.

   N-Teens meets once a month, or more, to bring more ideas and service activities to the group. The club is always finding new ways to bring help into local communities.

   “N-Teens meetings are super convenient for me. Typically they’re in Mrs. Collard’s room, but if you can’t make it, Mrs. Collard always sends emails with powerpoint presentations that include everything that was covered in the meeting,” Madison Naranjo (12) said.

   The club is open to all students in all grade levels and welcomes everyone with open arms. N-Teens is always looking for fresh ideas of service to help the community in any way possible.

   “We wanted to paint these rocks for the school. We plan on displaying them to encourage positivity, friendship, and community bonding. I thought that this was such a cute idea. I can’t wait to see them displayed.” Wilocki said.

   This isn’t the first act of kindness that N-Teens has produced. In the past, the club has decorated teacher’s doors for teacher appreciation week, coat and food drives, pen pals with senior citizens, pet supply drive, and much more. 

  “N-Teens stands for helping the school and community, creating a safe place for all students! We give back and spread love throughout the area,” Kristina Collard (Club Sponsor) said.