Don’t Worry Darling… the Movie is Now Out

Brooke Follrad, Web Content Editor in Chief

   The new movie, “Don’t Worry Darling”, came out on Sept. 23, 2022. This film falls under many genres. It is listed as an overall psychological thriller and mystery. Due to this, it is rated R. Olivia Wilde directed and starred alongside popstar Harry Styles, regularly-drama-casted actress Florence Pugh, highly experienced Chris Pine and comedian Nick Kroll. There were some issues with the actors originally cast, such as Shia Labeouf, but the final product was worth it.

   “Shia also revealed that he had recently emailed Olivia privately because he was ‘a little confused about the narrative’ that she had ‘fired’ him. When she didn’t respond to his messages, he made them public too,” said.

   Styles and Pugh are the main characters of the movie, playing Jack and Alice Chambers. The movie takes place in an isolated town, called Victory, which is surrounded by miles of desert and mountains. Victory got its name from the main mystery of the movie, The Victory Project. 

   “You know my favorite thing about the movie is [that] it feels like a movie. It feels real. You know you go to the theater and the reason you go to watch something on the big screen,” Styles said.

   When this quote was released, a lot of people were confused. There were comments on social media similar to, “Obviously it feels like a movie because it is.” It wasn’t until the film hit the big screen that people began to agree with Styles.

   “I thought it was well done cinematically and the music was very accurate with the scenes. I did walk out with more questions, but I thought everyone involved did a good job with the film,” Jillan Neal (12) said.

   After I watched the film, I had the same reaction. I don’t think I knew a lot about the actual plot of the film prior to watching it. It is safe to say that my jaw dropped for the entire movie. Expecting a beautiful life, a bit of love, and a touch of mystery, the real theme of “Don’t Worry Darling” was a lot more dramatic. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, or you haven’t been to theaters since before the pandemic, I highly recommend it. I was highly impressed and have watched it twice. This movie might be leaving theaters around the middle of Nov.

   “When I watched it, I was impressed by the connection of the music and visuals to show the characters’ emotions. I recommend that people see it without watching the trailer for maximum effect,” Adian Bentkowski (12) said.