Taking Their Final Victories

Sami Conley, Print Staff

   On October 5th Boys Varsity Soccer won against Hammond Central in their Sectionals scoring 8-1. The team entered the game with confidence which led them to taking home the win for Lake Central.

   “I think we did pretty good in the first half. We were up 1-0 and during the second half we scored 3 more goals. I think what motivated us was the half time talk and that’s what got us the extra goals” David Dorneanu (9).

   Boys Varsity Soccer went into the game strongly, scoring a point in the very beginning of the game. They took down Hammond Central by scoring 5 goals in the first half of the game. This established a mood for the players and assured them for the rest of the tournament. 

   “We went in and scored right off the bad and it set the tone for the whole game” Tito Ruperto (10)

   McCabe says that his team is what keeps him motivated throughout the game. He scored 2 goals in the game which helped the team lead them to their victory. 

   “Your friends want to win [the game] too so you do it to try and win for them and make history here” Jackson McCabe (11). 

   The boys earn motivation and encouragement from their team and family to lead them with confidence into their game. Boys Varsity Soccer has done very well in their sectionals so far and believe they will perform well at their championship. They believe if they go into the game with the correct mindset they will perform well.       

   “It was up and down during the season, like our thought process was good then we kinda went into a slump and ever since then we’ve been just trying to crawl out of it. And it’s been all good from there” Jackson McCabe (11).

   It seems that Boys Varsity Soccer is ready to fight hard at their following games and take home a championship for their school. The boys seem ready for their next game and are ready to take on whatever comes their way.                      

   “I think we can go far and we definitely have the talent, the will, and the heart” Tito Ruperto (10).