Bumping into Finals

Brooke Follrad and Natalie Genovese

   The semi-finals for intramural volleyball took place on Nov. 15. The teams went head-to-head competing to get to the championship.

   “It was mostly senior teams this year, which gave us some good competition. My team was pretty scared going into the tournament because our team was one of the only top teams to not have two varsity girls on our team. At the end of the day though we just played with the champs mentality and let Hunter carry us a little bit and clutched up,” Ben Difilippo (12) said.

  “Team Dre” fell short as they lost two matches against their opponent. Unfortunately, this loss eliminated them from the intramural tournament.

   “Even though it was a bit upsetting to lose in the tournament, our team had a good run. I am looking forward to trying out for boys’ volleyball in the spring,” Bill Amarsaikhan (12) said.

   Intramural volleyball takes place during the fall and winter months. Teams are made up of six to twelve players.

   “I played [so that I could] spend time with friends. It was a great time even though we only won one game,” Madeline Mansueto (12) said.

   Six teams battled it out during their games that consisted of three sets. Only three teams came out victorious during their sets as they moved on to the finals.

   “It is always a good time playing volleyball with my friends. My friends and I enjoyed playing Intramural Volleyball during high school,” said Amarsaikhan.

    The games are typically played on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the week. They began at 6:30 p.m. and took place in the fieldhouse at LC.