Five Years, One Suspect

Sam Rhody, Comet Photo Editor

   In February 2017, Abigail Williams and Liberty German were dropped off at Monon High Bridge near Delphi, Indiana. When their parents became concerned with their whereabouts, they called the police and a search party spread out to find the two girls. The next morning, their bodies were found upstream from the bridge. For the past five years, investigators have tried to determine who was behind the dual killing. Fifty year old Richard Allen was charged and arrested with these murders on Oct. 28. His official trial is set for Mar. 20, 2023 (Fowler). This does not mark the end for this investigation.

   “We are going to continue a very methodical and committed approach to ensure that, if any other persons with any other involvement in these murders in any way, that person or persons will be held accountable. …I know that today’s announcement will not diminish your resolve and I hope you found just a bit of peace in this most complicated world,” Indiana State Police officer Doug Carter said. “This is really important. I know you all are expecting final details today concerning this arrest. Today is not that day. This investigation is far from complete and we will not jeopardize its integrity by releasing or discussing documents or information before the appropriate time”

   Many details have been left unclear to the public. No one outside the police department and those on the search party know exactly what the bodies looked like. They would not know the exact cause of death either. Police said some “trophies” were taken, but they have not disclosed what. This is all to keep the details private. Eventually, this may lead to an accusation becoming official. If the suspect was to know more than they should have, that could be used for evidence.

   “There will be a public hearing on whether or not those records are going to remain sealed or not. There’ll be a public notice for that hearing so everyone can attend, but there will be a hearing to determine whether or not they are going to stay sealed. For now, to me, it’s about protecting the integrity of this case,” Nicholas McLeland,Carroll County Prosecutor, said.

   The official public hearing is scheduled for Nov. 22 to determine the privacy of the files in the months to come (Fowler). The pre-trial date is set for Jan 13, 2023, and Allen has asked for a public defender. He had stated in a note that his family was in a rough financial situation and did not realize how much a private defender would cost. The trial is set for Mar. 20, 2023 (Dobkin). 

   “We haven’t closed the door on the investigation, so that is why we keep the tip line and the tip email open. We are not presuming anything at this point, but we are going to continue to take tips and continue to take any information anybody has. As we’ve done with all the information we’ve gathered, we’re going to look at that, examine that, and see where that leads us,” McLeland said.


Here is the link to the press conference held to address the arrest: