The Way of Family

Emily Brown, Yearbook Editor in Chief

   My whole life I never had any interest in the first “Avatar” movie. I went on and on about how I’d never watch it because it looked so stupid. Well I’m here to say I was wrong. I love it so much and I take back absolutely everything negative I said about it. 

   My boyfriend has been begging me to watch it for as long as I’ve known him. I didn’t want to watch it out of fear of some white savior complex mixed with colonization. I was very wrong. I watched the first one the day before the second one was released and became so excited to watch the new one. 

   While strapping in to prepare for the three hour movie, I grabbed my 3D glasses and snacks and enjoyed myself. Starting the movie, I had no idea what I was in for or how they would’ve gotten to the sea. As I watch Hometree burn up yet again, I am only at the tip of the iceberg. 

   The entire movie is a huge plot to kill the main character, Jake Sully. He has four kids and one human kid that is kind of a floater. When they all move to the sea, they have to try to convince the new tribe to take them in. As they are confirmed as refugees to the tribe, they are taught all the ways and traditions of the people. 

   We learn of a whale-like creature who is cherished as a spiritual symbol called a tulkun. They are hunted after by the “sky people” aka humans, for a vial of juice that comes out of their brain that, of course, they sell for money and it makes people stop aging. As multiple scenes show us of their love for these animals, we are immediately hit in the face with a huge scene of them hunting these animals.

   At the end, we begin a never-ending action scene. We are rewarded with the tulkun getting revenge, and in the end, the Navi winning. But we do have a lot of upsets that I won’t completely spoil for you. 

   Overall, I cried about three times in the sequel, which is less than the first one ranking at five cries. I do love this movie though and I cannot stop thinking about it.