Pucks In

Julio Herrera, Echo Photo Editor

   The Varsity Hockey team goes on the ice against Bishop Noll high school on Dec. 18 at home. The team finished the game winning 7 – 1 with the new edition of Christmas themed jerseys. 

   “Our team plays aggressive and we are always looking to score more and keep the pressure on. I look forward to state and roper cup to get revenge on Crown Point, the best feeling I get while scoring is hard work paying off,” Matt Marx (10) said.

   This win helped to motivate players like Marx to practice harder to score and enjoy the game’s feeling of playing. Some sports have different things that you need to have in order to play efficiently, for Connor Lamott (11) that thing is passion for the game.

   “To be in hockey you need passion like other sports, you can’t just pick up the game of hockey super easy, so it takes time to learn the game. As an individual I play as a defensive center but overall as a team I think we play a very quick game, a lot quicker than others,” Lamott said.

  Lamott gained a passion for the sport and that passion is what keeps him playing.One of the most important things to have in hockey for Adam Steepleton (12) is balance, strength and being able to create a bond between teammates to make the best memories. 

   “You need to have good balance, a strong upper body and lower body.  I like making new brothers and the brotherhood and it’s a fun fast physical sport. Favorite memory of hockey is my freshman year on varsity winning the roper cup with my senior brother at that time. Hockey isn’t an individual sport, you need your teammates to help you as an individual to help you improve and for the plays,” Steepleton said.