Newspaper Christmas Trees

Kennedy Sefah, Print Staff

   On Dec. 15, a club meeting for the Environmental Club was held by the president of the club, Erin Mauder (12), with help from Ms. Julie Shupryt, Science, in E217 and the activity involved making a christmas tree out of newspaper. 

   “We do crafts and stuff to spread awareness about the environment and do things with materials that are recycled,” Mauder (12) said.

   Students help out in the environment do things to keep the planet safe from getting ruined and show others that they should appreciate the planet especially if it means reusing eco-friendly materials.

   “When I heard about this club from a friend, I decided to join it so I can learn how to reuse items that are recycled instead of just putting them into waste,” Brian Dailey (10) said.

   Encouraging others to participate in events like this tells them that they really care about the community and uses recyclable items to create DIY stuff to avoid putting them into waste like normal people do.

   “It’s not really what you can do individually, it’s what you can help do to take down companies that have fossil fuels, emissions, or methane production,” Sofia Wermeling (10) said.

   As of now, there are companies that take natural goods to create items that are sometimes good but are only used for monetary gains and to get attention from their customers.

   “I plan on continuing this club through my senior year and help out new members who want to keep our community safe,” Isabel Chavez (11) said.