Between the Lines of Publications

Kai Blankenship and Parneet Gill

   Every year the Publications staff produces a yearbook and multiple magazines. But how do those stories go from ideas to physical pages? It starts with the Editors-in-Chief (EIC) of the yearbook and the magazine.

  1. The Yearbook EIC and Magazine EIC come up with what pages they want to work on in a particular deadline.
  2. The EIC’s communicate that to the Staffers and their Team Leaders in a meeting called “page plans”. They walk the group through what their vision of the page is and how they can execute it.
    1. There are four Team Leaders, each working with a group of about 4-7 Staffers. Team Leaders have been in Publications for at least one year and help their Staffers learn the process.
  3. The teams go back to class and Team Leaders make a plan for how everything will get done on time. Interviews are due by Mini Deadline 1, so the staffers must first make passes and come up with questions
    1. There are three different deadlines each cycle. Mini Deadline 1, Mini Deadline 2 and Final Deadline. Different things must be completed by each deadline. 
  4. Students who receive a pass come down during their lunch to get interviewed. 
  5. As Staffers get interviews, others work on the pages as well. Copy Editors check to make sure everything is grammatically correct. Photo Editors take photos for the pages. Designers start to work in InDesign to create what the page layout is going to look like. 
  6. Once interviews are done, Staffers transcribe them in the Production Doc. Every page has a different Google Doc where all the content goes before it can be placed into InDesign.
  7. Some of the interviews go into stories while others go into Alt Copies, such as quote collections, Q&As, polls or mini stories.
  8. Once all the content is in the Production Docs, the pages are ready to be placed. Team Leaders place the content by copy and pasting it from the Production Docs into the InDesign pages created and designed by our Design team. 
  9. These pages are placed during deadline week. All editors stay after school during this week until 6 pm from Monday to Thursday. Copy Editors, the Media Chief, Photo Editors and Design Editors must all check the pages, make notes and then hand it back to the Team Leaders to make the changes.
  10. After all of the editors approve the page, the Advisor, or teacher, checks that page and makes their changes as well.
  11. Once the page has made its way through all the editors and the Advisor, it goes to the EIC. The EIC (yearbook or magazine) must make any final changes.
  12. The page gets finalized and put into a “Packaged” file. This file contains all the pages for the deadline as well as the necessary fonts and photos that will be needed for printing.
  13. The Yearbook EIC sends yearbook pages to the Herff Jones Yearbook Plant. The Magazine EIC sends magazine pages to Mr. Jereme Rainwater, Career Technology Education.